HAS THIS HAPPENED TO YOU? A charming person approaches. Beautiful, respectable, full of wit, dazzle and promises. But when they’ve gone, you see, as if for the first time, that there is only sawdust in their wake.

Too late, you realize that you are the victim of a scam. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s an unfortunate truth: there will always be golden-tongued liars to charm you right out of your pants (with wallet intact!). If you’re lucky, the encounter will leave you merely embarrassed. If you aren’t, you might well be out your money, love, time or attention.

But don’t fear! Maxwell Fink and Sarah Swanson, themselves reformed and chastened criminals, will blow the rag and bone man’s secrets wide open!

You’ll never be vulnerable again! Let Maxwell and Sarah show you how to see through the fakes and frauds! Don’t sleep, friends. Stay wide awake, and you’ll never again fall for a HOAX.

Combining magic, theater, horror and carnival, playwright Annelise Montone and magician Brian M. Kehoe present a show unlike anything you’ve seen before.  HOAX premieres July 22nd, 2016 and runs through August.

Remember: Don’t be a sucker.




Look here for future tour dates.

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Maxwell Fink
Maxwell Fink
Former conman and swindler Maxwell Fink has spent his life earning a quick buck at the expense of people like you. It began early in life with his favorite game- twenty minutes of lies. When it became clear to him that no one could tell when he was playing his game or not, he decided it would be a waste of natural talent and charisma to make truth-telling a habit. This soon evolved into teenaged flirtations with small-time theft and the occasional manifestation of barnyard animals in inappropriate places. By his early adulthood, Maxwell had joined a traveling circus, finding his oratory talents for making the ordinary seem legendary a cornerstone of his career. It was not to be a life-long pursuit, sadly, for Maxwell found the casual scheming of the ringleader to be somewhat passe and derivative. Determined to bring a whole new level of artistry to the con, he began a whirlwind career, duping and capitalizing on the unassuming and naive, to wild and rich success. However! In an unexpected turn of events that we're all having a little trouble believing, quite frankly, Maxwell has seen the error in his ways! He currently travels the country, seeking to right his wrongs in small and large ways, from putting quarters in parking meters, to tripping men running away with purses stolen from old ladies. Currently, he is on national tour to expose the secrets and machinations of his former profession as a public service.