logo-big an interactive theatre production and collaboration between Baltimore-based playwright Annelise Montone and Rochester-born actor/magician Brian M. Kehoe, premiered in October 2015. Mr. Kehoe plays the role of noted parapsychologist and researcher of the Ouija® Talking Board, Maxwell Fink, who will lead guests through a truly thrilling evening of theater, magic, and mystery. Audiences will be among the very first to experience The Fink Method for Contacting the Dead™ and its three tenets of Trust, Cohesion, & Transmission.


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Maxwell Fink
Maxwell Fink
Noted parapsychologist Maxwell Fink became interested in unusual methodologies and approaches when he was just a child putting tinfoil hats onto frogs to "see if it could make them speak English." Moving on from the linguistic potential of amphibians in his later career, Fink was appointed professor of physics at the University of Transylvania in 2010. He was swiftly removed from that position in 2011 when it became clear that his forward thinking ideas on communication with the deceased were "too much" for the unscientifically minded idiots in the Dean's office to take. His interest in the Ouija board as an object of serious examination represents a genius not usually found in the scientific community. Fink has invented many scientific objects (including the "Bloody Mary Intensifier Mirror Machine" and "Tarot Gun") and methods, none of which have worked to this date, though he's sure that his time is coming. He is the sole creator of The Fink Method for Contacting the Dead™.